Trade Show Producers: Improve Your Next Show With An Event App

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Even in the digital age, trade shows and other face-to-face marketing events are still an important part of a robust marketing plan. However, if you are a trade show producer, you know that you have to work harder than ever to make your event attractive to vendors and exhibitors as well as attendees. One way to streamline, improve, and digitalize the experience for exhibitors and attendees is through an event planning app.

You can hire a designer to create an app especially for your event, or you can download a pre-designed but customizable app. Regardless of which option you choose, look for the following features in your app:

1. Exhibitor or Attendee Profiles

Your most eager exhibitors and attendees will be using your trade show to network. Make it easier for them by choosing an app that allows exhibitors or attendees (if relevant) to upload a profile and participate, like ConBop LLC. This allows interested parties to browse through the profiles and decide where they want to put their networking energy.

2. QR Code

A great event app should be accessible for your exhibitors as well as your attendees. For exhibitors, you can send them a link to the app with their registration package, but for attendees, you need to make the process easier. Ideally, your event app should be attached to a QR code. That way attendees can just scan the code with their smart phones and easily get all of the details they need for your show.

3. Sponsorship Plugs

When a company buys a sponsorship for your show, it gives them extra exposure on the show floor and in the pre-show marketing materials, but it also helps you to boost your budget for the show. To sweeten your sponsorship package and attract more exhibitors to this type of financial commitment, add a sponsor listing to your app. If you buy a app that is fully customizable, you can choose how you want the sponsor ad to appear.

4. Venue Map or Floorplan

Pick an app that allows you to upload a floorplan of the event. This makes it easier for exhibitors to find their spots, streamlining the registration and set-up process. It also makes it easier for attendees to navigate the show. Street maps can also be added to help people find the location of the show.

5. Presentation Schedule

One of the best ways for exhibitors to make the most of their trade show experience is by giving a presentation. You can charge your exhibitors more for this privilege, or you can offer it as a free perk to any existing exhibitor package. Offering a slot on the stage is often a good way to sell a booth to a reluctant or unsure exhibitor. If you have an event app with a presentation schedule on it, you can easily convince your presenters that they will be getting extra exposure on the stage.

A Presentation schedule also improves the experience for your attendees. If you create a profile for each presentation, this lets your attendees make an informed decision about which presentations they want to attend

6. Travel Tips and Links

Put your app to work for your attendees and exhibitors by including travel information on it. Link the app to the hotel that you are using for the event so that users just have to click to book a room. Also remember to include relevant links and tips about local transit options, restaurants, and other amenities.

To learn more about how an event app can improve your next trade show, contact an app developer. If you are a trade show producer, this may be the edge your show needs.


28 August 2014

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