Setting Up A Comfortable And Efficient Home Streaming Center

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With services like Netflix, Hulu, Playstation 4's video store, and the Xbox One's video store, it's becoming easier than ever to get tons of movies, TV shows, and games on demand. With that ease of access, it's worth having a sound system that can really bring out the depth and power of what sound designers spend their entire lives trying to perfect. If you want more than the basic audio from your TV or computer's speakers, here are a few ways to set up a comfortable, efficient home streaming center.

Sound System Placement

Sound travels in waves, and anything in your living room or viewing room of choice can interrupt or drastically change those waves. As sound travels, it changes paths based on the obstacles that either cause the sound to be dampened or redirected. This can mean being absorbed by thick cloth, bouncing off of sheer walls, or being drowned out by the sound of water.

To solve this problem, a home theater system professional can perform a site survey of your desired room. The survey will mostly include the wall placement and the larger objects that are hard to move, but can consider smaller, movable objects if you'd like to keep them in place.

This survey's purpose is mostly to decide where a set of speakers will be placed. Their position can work around certain obstacles and make renovation a non-issue with proper planning, so allow the survey to complete if you'd like the best audio performance for all of your movies, TV shows, and games.

Internet Layout For Easy Media Access

Not all of your viewing experience needs to come from cable television. A few carefully placed network cables and efficiently configured wireless networks can deliver all of the content you need without needing to reach for DVDs.

Basic configuration is fairly simple, but it's better to reduce the performance issues that plague many internet video, audio, and game playing issues. Just as a sound system needs a survey to keep audio performance in check, a wireless internet range check can make sure that your internet signal delivers as intended.

A wireless modem can be placed anywhere in the home, but the signal can be weaker in certain areas. Central locations are a good bet, but you could find a better location that is free of interference.

Wired internet is a faster and more consistent way to keep media running efficiently without losing signal quality. Unfortunately, it's at the expense of mobility and your device placement will be limited to cable reach.

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9 June 2017

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