Three Ways A Computerized Maintenance Management System Can Save You Money

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Sometimes to save money in your business, you must make strategic investments. One investment you should consider is purchasing a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). Although these systems can cost anywhere from $750 to $40,000, depending on the complexity and customization, there are three ways the software will end up paying for itself.

Better Employee Management

One area where you will see significant savings is in employee productivity. Paper systems can make it hard for workers to get things done in an efficient manner. Maintenance slips may get lost or become illegible for one reason or another, forcing employees to track down the originator for more information or clarification.

Sometimes too many people are assigned to one project and too little to another because no one is sure who available to work or where they're located, and parts for machines may be misplaced, or people may forget to order them altogether.

With a CMMS, you can keep track of several elements that minimize labor waste. Repair requests can be entered into the program and assigned to (or checked out by) workers, which will let you keep track of who is doing what at any given moment. This will make it easier for employees to follow up with each other about projects and help you with scheduling.

The program can also keep track of parts and inventory, letting employees see at a glance where items are located and when supplies are running low. This can reduce the amount time workers spend trying to find the tools they need to complete their work, as well as keep inventory at acceptable levels so employees always have what they need on hand.

Stay on Top of Maintenance Requirements

Another way a CMMS can save your company money is by helping you stay on top of routine maintenance. Business and industrial machines require small but frequent maintenance (e.g., oiling or cleaning) to keep them in top shape. Failure to do the small things on a regular basis can lead to a big problem when a machine breaks down. Not only will you have to spend money on an emergency repair, but the machine will be out of commission until it is fixed, which may mean lost production or employee productivity.

A CMMS will keep track of when machines need to be serviced, and you can assign those duties to a worker using the same system, saving time. Additionally, some programs can also keep track of when parts have been replaced and forecast when they may need to be replaced, so you can adequately prepare for that eventuality.

Easily Identify Lemons

Lastly, a CMMS can help you identify when you may have purchased a lemon. These programs keep track of all the maintenance work that's been done on a particular machine. If you notice a machine that seems to require more than its fair share of repairs, that can indicate it has quality or manufacturing issues.

This type of monitoring may make it easier to get the manufacturer to honor its warranty or justify returning the machine to the company that sold it to you for a refund or exchange. Alternatively, frequent breakdowns may also indicate quality issues with specific parts. If it's the same one causing problems over and over again, you may have gotten a bad batch from your supplier.

Purchasing a CMMS is a good investment that can help your company save money in many ways and ensure your machines and employees are functioning at optimal levels. For more information about these programs or assistance choosing one that's best for your company, contact an affiliated developer.


22 June 2017

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