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The days of using black and white, grainy cameras that can barely display facial hair are over. If you want a customized surveillance system, high definition (HD) recorders can give you variable quality levels for either high quality or small file size while still being far beyond the old closed circuit television standards. Here are a few ways to setup and fully utilize an HD recording system.

Camera Placement & Cable Security

Mounting a few cameras and connecting them to the recording system is not the way to get a robust surveillance system. It can record, but any determined infiltrator can case (scout out and investigate) the place and cut the wires if you don't have protection.

A secure surveillance system will have cables installed within protective sheathing. For the best results, a combination of protective sheath while being installed within the walls can reduce the number of places that an infiltrator could cut the surveillance line. 

There will still be a weak point directly at the camera and at the power source. By keeping the bulk of the wires protected by greater standard protection, you can focus on reinforcing these weak points with covers and plates that will slow down a would-be thief—or at least make it more likely that they expose their presence.

Recording & Streaming Surveillance Footage

The power of surveillance is in the quality, recording, and storage methods. You need to be able to review security footage and deliver the footage to others if needed.

For easier storage and delivery, have a computer attached to the system as a secondary output or backup output. The computer shouldn't control the system; the more control units you have, the more opportunities for infiltrators to steal access both in person and digitally. Just have an extra cable on a splitter that goes from the camera system to the computer.

Modern computers can already take most video inputs as long as you have an adapter that fits your computer. You can ask HD recorder dealers for converters and splitters to get the job done, and many free recording programs can be used to save surveillance video the same way any recorded movie would work. It's just like a webcam at that point. 

In addition to recording, you can stream the surveillance video across the internet. Streaming is simply recording that allows viewers to watch the video live instead of watching a rewindable, pre-recorded file. Streaming and file recording can happen at the same time, and popular streaming websites such as Livestream, YouTube, or EarthCam can be used for extra online storage options.

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12 July 2017

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