6 Things You Should Know About Renting A Pipe Camera


Pipe cameras can become valuable tools when you are trying to complete a plumbing project. These cameras are waterproof, allowing for visual inspection of your sewer lines. Plumbing technicians typically use these cameras on flexible rods to see into pipes and even to provide real-time video transmission. There are many benefits to renting these devices if you understand how to perform plumbing tasks yourself.

1. Pipe Cameras Require No Guesswork

You do not have to guess when you  use a pipe camera. The details surrounding depth of obstruction is accurately recorded with the help of sonar so that you can fix the problem quickly. You get exact data when you use this technology. Armed with this information, you can also have a technician come in and accurately find issues thanks to your preview.

2. Pipe Cameras Are Best for Finding Certain Issues

Specific plumbing issues are the easiest to pinpoint with pipe cameras. These include intrusions by tree roots and pipe corrosion. Other issues include broken pipes, punctures, and misalignment.

3. Pipe Cameras Can Find Lost Items

Have you recently lost a ring down the sink drain? A pipe camera may be your last chance at catching it. In the past, these cameras have also been used to successfully help rescue trapped animals.

4. Camera Footage Can Be Recorded to DVD

If you need to play back the footage for a homeowner or business owner, footage is easily saved to a DVD. This is also often helpful for insurance purposes if you are trying to receive compensation or have a legal concern.

5. Pipe Cameras Can't Diagnose Outside Concerns

If the problem with your plumbing exists outside of the pipe, the camera is not going to help most people. Professional technicians familiar with these outside issues may be able to discern clues though.

6. Pipe Cameras Don't Work Well Underwater

If you are dealing with murky water in the pipes, you may struggle to see the issue. This is why many professionals will pair this service with water jetting first. This, along with other processes, can help to clear out the pipes and make them much easier to see through.

Pipe cameras are entirely useful objects. Rentals are inexpensive and allow you to see if you can determine the problem for yourself. With DVD footage, you may be able to show your insurance provider, landlord, or technician that there is something wrong lurking below.


31 July 2017

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