Which Social Media Should You Set Up For Your Business?

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Knowing which social media to spend time on is tough for a growing business. Every new platform you take on gives you the potential to connect with your customers on their most active accounts, but every new social media platform also means more time that your marketing team must spend curating posts and responding to customer engagements. So, which platforms are the best for your business? Here are some tips to get you started. 

Facebook and Twitter

Pretty much any business can utilize a Facebook and Twitter account. Facebook is great for sharing images, timely news, and thoughts on local or current events. It's a platform where your fans can connect with each other and with you as well as share feedback on your business. It also has a rating system for businesses. 

Twitter has similar benefits, but it's great if you want to create short posts on a more frequent basis to keep your business in people's minds. 


Instagram is best for those businesses that are more visual in nature. For instance, a design store or tourism company would be far behind if they didn't have an Instagram account to showcase some of the products or experiences they offer. Keep in mind that you don't only have to post about your business; relevant design or local tourism content would be relevant to the businesses mentioned above, and it would help round out their accounts. 

Industry Social Media

Some industries have their own social media favorites. For example, anyone in the construction, real estate, or architecture arenas probably should have a Houzz account. The site is designed to showcase home design features, and it's a great place to distribute your portfolio. Check if there are any must-have accounts in your own industry. 

How to Go About Social Media Creation

When it comes time for business social media creation, hiring an expert is usually a good idea. There are many repetitive, one-time setup tasks that your marketing team shouldn't waste their time researching. Instead, if you hire a company that does social media setup for business, you will come out of it with polished sites that represent your business professionally. Your social media experts can also give you a style guide of sorts for future posts, since each platform attracts different users and has a different style. Make sure not to fall behind on your content curation, since hastily-created content may not have any benefit to your business. 


7 September 2017

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