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The internet is a vast expanse of web pages that are filled with everything from string theory explanations to cats playing with string. This multitude of websites causes some issues for you when you want your content to stand out and keep users' interest.

Where Is the Content I Want?

Any user can stumble upon your webpage at all hours of the day and night; you want to ensure that they continue to utilize the content you provide. This means making the page organized and easily navigated. Everything should be clear and concise so that the user does not get bogged down with reading and trying to understand the message you wish to convey. This will encourage the user to dig deeper into the page and discover the various things that are offered. If the page appears unprofessional and complicated to operate, then the user will likely not try and navigate it. Someone should be able to quickly determine the purpose of your page and find the content they want.

Is it Pleasant to Read?

The page headers should be bold cased and easily readable, the font color should not be in great contrast to the background color. Everything should be clear to maximize the total number of users who can access your webpage.

Don't make it too clustered, spread out the information. You want the user to peruse your site and move through the different pages and to scroll down. Scrolling is okay to an extent, but do not overdo it. Too many scrolls can turn people away from continuing to access your webpage.

With correct scrolling, you can create a layout that draws the user's eye from one part of your page to the next. This is a technique that uses both words and pictures to pull the user's eye from place to place. It causes them to see everything that is offered as well as creates an easy viewing session for them.

Is it Credible?

Your page should also develop a sense of trust with the user; you should use credible information and do not use any misleading text. So, if you are selling a product, do not immediately ask for them to input their credit card information as soon the page is opened. This generates a distrust between the user and your webpage. As long as everything appears to be real and show that you are running a legitimate webpage, then there shouldn't be any distrust created.

Be truthful and honest with the work you are doing. Make sure that the user is encouraged to move through your webpage with eye direction and page readability. With these few things, your webpage will be able to create an excellent first impression for any user who finds it. Choose a designer who knows their stuff. A provider of web and app design services will help you get out your message within the first few seconds or clicks on your site. 

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28 November 2017

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