Two Types Of Alarm And Phone Systems And How They Work


Alarm companies have become more in tune with consumers in the last couple of decades. At one time, an alarm system would only send shrieking and piercing noises throughout your home to get you out of bed and/or out of the house. Those were just the fire alarms.

If you also wanted intruder alarms, then you got a whole new set of piercing sounds. At least the intruder alarms would send both you and your family and the intruders outside. The intruders usually ran away as your neighbors called for help. All of these older alarm systems, however, were a little inefficient. When alarm companies began to combine their security and fire alarm systems with phone relays, the ingenious system was born. There is another phone and alert system that helps people in times of trouble. Here are both of those phone/alarm/alert systems, and how they work.

The Phone and Fire/Intruder System

When the fire/security system is engaged, the connected phone does one of two things. It will either ring the local fire and rescue teams directly for you to report a problem, or it will call you and ask if you are okay. If you do not respond to the latter, the alarm company calls the police or fire department for you, depending on the type of alarm that has been triggered. You can still use the phone just as you would to place other calls, but it has the added benefit of calling for help without you picking up the receiver.

Elderly Emergency Alert Systems

Instead of fire or break-ins, these systems are triggered by a button on a lariat worn around an elderly person's neck. If the person wearing the lariat falls and cannot get up again, or he/she wanders and becomes confused, the button can be pressed for help. The depressed button triggers a phone device that calls the alarm company. If the elderly person is within reach, he/she can answer the call by yelling out to the phone device that help is needed. If the elderly person becomes confused, there is a GPS chip in the lariat that helps the alarm company locate the person. Then help is sent to the last known location or wherever the lariat button was pushed.

Additionally, the lariat "call for help" button can be used as a personal security device. If the person is able to press the button without an intruder knowing, police are sent to check on the elderly person. This has saved many elderly people's lives from intruders.

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10 December 2018

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